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Harleyford Aggregates ~ Zig Zag Quarry

For all your sand, gravel, pebble, cobble, coloured mortar and hardcore requirements. We also supply screed for flooring as used by contracters such as Low Cost Carpet Tiles

Zig Zag Quarry has been extracting and producing aggregates since the early 1940s.

Situated at Aller, Newton Abbot, Devon, our friendly and qualified administration and
plant staff are always happy to assist with all your building, DIY and gardening material requirements. Zig Zag Quarry is easily located on the A380 between Newton Abbot and Torquay..


Harleyford Aggregates

The aggregates business forms an integral and vital part of the Harleyford group of companies.

Supplying a variety of building materials from their many quarries and pits concentrated mainly in the West County and West London, it has also gone from strength to strength more recently by operating joint ventures with the likes of Hanson and Cemex, formerly RMC.

Be ready for the winter
Rock salt now available in handy bags of 25Kg.

Aggregates include:

Cobbles & pebbles - 8mm - 200mm
Cement & concrete
Gravel - 5mm, 10mm and 20mm plus ballast. Dorset & Cotswold gravels are also stocked - available loose or in 25kg or 1 ton bags
Hardcore, "as dug" fill material
Coloured mortars
Sand - washed, sharp and soft

Bagged products of a full range of materials in 25kg, 40kg and 1 ton bags.
Loose materials may be delivered in 4, 10, 16 or 20 ton loads.

*** Special offer - sand from only £1 per bag. ***

Zig Zag Quarry
Zig Zag Quarry
All materials are available for delivery
Please contact us for further information


Green aspirations

Harleyford is renowned for its successful re-development of the sites after extraction to preserve and promote the community and the environment. Such projects include activity lakes, housing, business parks and re-instatement of farmland.


Aggregate weight and volume calculator

Not sure how much material you need? Simply enter the dimensions below to obtain an approximate quantity. If the area is a complex shape, break the area up into rectangles. Work out the amount required for each rectangle individually and add the quantities together.

Please note: Our aggregate calculator provides an approximate quantity only. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

  1. Enter dimensions:
Aggregate weight & volume calculator






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